[HOT] Is mapping Pakistan a good thing ?

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Fri Oct 1 16:16:46 BST 2010

Resending to the list (SMTP issue for me with previous attempt).

Le 01/10/2010 13:00, Shoaib Burq a écrit :
> WFP did these in over 3000 villages but didn't have the expertise or
> equipment to geocode each damage report. So they requested geocoding
> of these.
> We were using DMA layers for geocoding

What's the current status of this request : does the WFP still need this 
data ? Does anybody still need such geocoding to be completed ? Or has 
this been already completed ?

I am at the 2nd Crisis Camp Paris now. I am wondering whether or not we 
should help on this now. I guess the best pages to start from for us are 
these :



Please provide any better link if available.

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