[HOT] Is mapping Pakistan a good thing ?

Fred fmoine at hotmail.fr
Sun Oct 3 14:30:55 BST 2010

Hello everybody,
Thank you for your interest to this mapping effort on Pakistan.
In view of heterogeneous data on the area, OSM is still a way to 
centralize data.

Then IMMAP is on task with a large number of GIS IM officer, to serve 
the whole community and link with the government.
He is already plan that would give open data to everyone. So it's a good 
thing because we will finally be able to share the data and make it public.
It remains a big effor digitizing and coding the data.
For example, you can see OSM report in Haiti to see how is important to 
connect geographical information with our Data base for monitoring, 
making important decision.

  Today we have no good administrative boundaries (on going discussion).
It has the District, theshil, but not the UC and Mooza (group of villages).

These data are very important for the management of this crisis.

I am workig in Pakistan for a consortium of NGOs (Oxfam, Save the 
Children, Action against Hunger, IRC, Care, ...) and I help at the 
moment to set up a database structure for survey and to map activities.

For now it is running SQL Server, ArcGIS Server (imposed by the 
structure, no choice).
We drive to clean up the villages and OSM roads, on the Punjab 
(Mianwali, DG Khan), Kohat and KPK (Charsadda, Nowshera).

Location and Area of interst for Any mapping: Punjab: Muzaffargarh 
Rajanpur Rajanpur, DG Khan, Sindh: Shikarpur, Larkana, Thatta.

- Roads, we start clearing the information. Unfortunately we had to 
start quickly with ArcGIS 9.3. I'll see tomorrow how we can update on 
OSM with version arcgis 10. Otherwise some might be making the transfer 
from OSM if possible.

- Village layer is important to maintain, so to see how we can share it.

Regards Frederic Moine.

See you tomorrow

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