[HOT] Wiki Page for Coordination

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Tue Oct 19 01:59:28 BST 2010

some progress with sketching in Philippines rivers from Landat. e.g. here:  

I was trying to think of a clever way of seeing a progress overview, and showing 
where needed doing next, but how about some good old OpenStreetBugs: 

I've sprinkled thirty or forty bugs over the area (positioned on the river 
valleys as seen while zoomed out on the cycle map) I worked my way all around 
the western mountain rage, someone could do the same on the eastern side. 
Hopefully people will label these as fixed as they do sketching, but feel free 
to 'Mark as fixed' on somebody else's bug if you see a river added at that 

Harry Wood


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