[HOT] Pakistan Imagery

Sam Larsen samlarsen1 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 1 10:55:43 BST 2010

This is not a call for a license debate - especially on this list; i am just 
interested in the potential impact of the new license on HOT activities.  

Of those who did contact agencies and asked them to release imagery for use in 
OSM under the ODbL & CT's - is there a feeling that it is more difficult to get 
them to agree to these conditions than it was for Haiti with just CC-BY-SA?  Has 

anyone come across comments from imagery suppliers that specifically voiced 
their concerns about signing up to the new license terms?  As we are dealing 
with people's lives here, i would like to know if our activities are being 
adversely affected by the license change.

This is just a call for feedback from those who have had direct contact with 
imagery suppliers.  If anyone wants to throw their two cents in about the 
license change - please post it to [legal-talk].

Apologies to all those who are trying to avoid license debates - so am i, but 
this just struck me as a potential sticking point for my activities.


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> Le 31/08/2010 20:50, Katie Filbert a écrit : 
>>Also, please take a look through the imagery listings on both the Digital Globe 
>>and GeoEye website.  I did a brief look a couple weeks ago on the digital globe 
>>and didn't find much post-flooding that covered the region and had low cloud 

I had in mind that it was not clear whether OSM was allowed to use them for 
tracing, from:

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I have the USGS/DigitalGlobe imagery ready to be used if we can clarify the 
licensing issues. 

Has anyone found any other imagery?

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 6:01 AM, Shoaib Burq <saburq at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all
>This is just to let you know Kashif and I have drafted a letter to
>send to either National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency or Digital
>Globe to get permission to use the imagery.
>Please see: http://piratepad.net/0mAOCFV6fi
>If someone knows who we need to ask their contact would be much
>appreciated. We can then go ahead an setup a TileServer and WMS
>Shoaib Burq

Has any answer been received ?

Best regards,



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