[HOT] UUIDs: Sharing Data between systems

Fran Boon francisboon at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 13:58:54 BST 2010

I think it would be good to put some thoughts into this as it's
currently not easy to share data across systems & we end up with many
For Pakistan I have L2-L3 polygons from PDC & 95000 L5 Points from Geonames:
- these last are within the L3 hierarchy but I am completely missing
L4 data there:

I also have a large number of duplicate records from Ushahidi.
I am writing a de-duplicator to try & manage these.

We are developing a better OSM importer to be able to use this data too.
It will also be possible to export data into OSM, but we'll need to be
clear on Source of the records, of course.
We do have a field for this.

I think what we need is to agree a common standard for UUIDs.

I've done a quick write-up here:

Anyone know the best person from Ushahidi to pull into this conversation?

Best Wishes,

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