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I gave a workshop at the Cambridge Crisis Camp this week and one area which i 
could have handled better was around OSM editing in general.  

1) Some of the participants felt a little detatched from what they had heard 
about OSM editing (on the ground GPS style surveying) and what i showed them.  A 
better description about why we were doing relatively poor quality mapping 
(tracing from the SPOT imagery) would have helped.  I did try to address this, 
but also tried to balance my talking with actual mapping.
2) Also, there were some computing/remote sensing enthusiasts there who were 
questioning the process when compared to computational image processing to 
extract features from satellite imagery as opposed to thousands of hours 
hand-tracing imagery.  I didn't really get into the reasons why we are not doing 
that (as that could have taken a while) - which may have put a few off.

Really my points above are about engaging with the mappers.  First impressions 
count and if they are put off by some unanswered questions like those above - we 
may not get them to come back.


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> Hey Hotties,
> I'm giving a hour workshop on OSM at the Crisis Mappers  Conference.  I
> was looking for some input on what people think that  should include.
> What I'm thinking so far:
> -Introduction to  OSM
> -Introduction to HOT
> -JOSM (brief digitizing)
> -Humanitarian Data  Model (JOSM presets/survey forms)
> -Brief Overview of Surveying with  Humanitarian Data Model
> -Ways of using data (downloading shp/Garmin GPS  files/MapOSMatic/Walking 
> My goal is to give people the idea of  how in Haiti it started with the
> greater OSM community and then was  transitioned to people on  the
> ground.
> Thoughts?
> -Kate
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