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Le 03/12/2011 05:19, Daniel Oefele a écrit :
> I can use the Nextview Images if I change the end of the URL from
> /.../${z}/${x}/${y}.jpg/ to /.../{zoom}/{x}/{y}.jpg/

This is for JOSM, and for Potlatch 1, one can use .../!/!/!

> When I compare the images from Bing Maps and Nextview then there is an
> offset of about 70 meters.
> Anyone who can help with that?

Fortunately, there is a fair amount of GPS tracks available for Samoa.
They can be used to get a feeling for the accuracy of the position of
imagery, and consequently adjust the offset.

For example, for the center of Apia, it seems to me that Bing is better
positioned on the North/South axis, and Nextview fits better on the
East/West axis. So, before tracing from them, I would adjust their
offsets mainly along the axis where they can be improved.

Of course, if anyone if aware of more accurate or authoritative sources
that we could use as reference (like accurately positioned points), that
would be great.

Best wishes,


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