[HOT] HOT Nomination and Vote Results

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Thu Dec 15 14:17:30 GMT 2011

Thanks everyone for taking the time to vote for the HOT board elections. Ballot period ended yesterday.

We had 41 votes. 40/41 accepted the new bylaws and amendments. 41/41 accepted new members.

The results of the Board election are:
Kate Chapman: 40
Mikel Maron: 39
Nicolas Chavent: 36
Dane Springmeyer: 29
John Crowley: 25
Severin Menard: 14
Todd Huffman: 16
Schuyler Erle: 28

So the new Board for 2012 is Kate, Mikel, Nicolas, Dane, John, and Schuyler. Congrats!

And welcome to the new members who accepted their nomination.

Aaron Cope
Anna Hodgkinson
Besfort Guri
boris mogwitz
Brian Wolford
Dato Gogishvili
Eugene Usvitsky
Hameed Tasal
Humberto Yances
Joseph Reeves
Julio Costa Zambelli
Lisa Sweeney
Pierre Giraud
Roderick Bera
Shu Higashi
Suha Ulgen
Tim McNamara


Harry Wood
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