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This is great!

Suggestion: highlight the unpaved roads ... the rendering is very subtle now. I'd like to be able to look at a city, and at a glance, get a sense of where the unpaved roads are.
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>Knowing whether a road is paved or not is an important information for a
>driver, especially in countries where many roads are unpaved. This
>information can be entered in the OSM database with the surface tag [1],
>but it is not currently rendered in the main maps available on osm.org
>[2]. Seeing it rendered on a map would likely be an incentive for
>mappers to use it, especially beginners.
>A map with a rendering for this, OpenUnpavedStreetMap, is now available
>for Africa, Central and South America, Australia-Oceania (according to
>Geofabrik's definition, which includes Indonesia and Malaysia), and soon
>several Asian countries, including the Philippines (actually the
>countries available as extracts from GeoFabrik, China, India, Pakistan,
>Vietnam, etc.except Japan - considering dataset size). Surfaces tagged
>as "compacted", "gravel", "sand", "dirt", "earth", "ground", "grass",
>"mud"... are also considered as "unpaved", following the wiki page.
>Examples from areas that may be of interest on this list:
>- Port-au-Prince, Haiti:
>- Kigali, Rwanda:
>- one of the examples given by Douglas, in Kampala, Uganda:
>- A page for Colombia, with markers for the GeoRSS feed from la Sala de
>Situación Humanitaria Colombia:
>Following Humberto's suggestion, flood_prone areas are also rendered
>("flood_prone=yes" or "flood_prone=label"):
>Following a suggestion from Federico, and a need that had also appeared
>for Haiti, next step should be rendering of POIs relevant for
>emergencies, such as health facilities, at lower zoom levels.
>The global URL is:
>OSM.org Mapnik layer is in the menu for easy comparison on the current
>area. A "hybrid map for mappers" - and for soon-to-be mappers who can
>see what might be missing on the map ;) - is available by overlaying a
>transparent version of OpenUnpavedStreetMap with Bing aerial imagery.
>Google satellite imagery is also available as a reminder, by comparing
>imageries location, that it is often advised to adjust Bing offset
>before tracing.
>The database is updated at least daily, and minutely for the next days,
>after the new coverage will have been imported.
>Tiles are available from
>The current bandwidth is limited, but if you are interested, let me know.
>Let me know what you think, and if there are features that would be
>interesting for a custom rendering.
>Best wishes,
>[1] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:surface
>[2] http://trac.openstreetmap.org/ticket/1447
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