[HOT] experience and methodology

Boris Cornet borisC at osm-at.org
Wed Dec 21 10:47:50 GMT 2011


Today (Wednesday, December 21, 2011) at 15:59 Frans Thamura noted:
>> We need your wxperience work with bad way point to become high quality map
> We use gps essential, and we got that waypoint is.not ideal to map, we need extra effort.

I assume you mean the Android app 'GPS Essentials'?
I would suggest to use OSMTracker instead, will save you from

However, Android phones are not the best choice for GPS. You would be
surprised how much more accurate dedicated GPS loggers are. I am using
the relatively cheap WBT-202, and the results are far, far better.

If you decide to use it, you will probably want to use OruxMap for
taking waypoints, since it is the only app that supports external GPS
that I know.

Another hint: carry the GPS on your shoulder and not in your pocket -
it makes a lot of difference.


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