[HOT] 1 week unfunded HOT Training Deploy to Port au Prince in early-mid February

Robert Soden robert.soden at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 13:10:37 GMT 2011

Greetings from Haiti,

As many of you know, H.O.T. desperately needs a larger group of people we
can call on who are ready to deploy in the next emergency.

Since I will be in Port au Prince here through at least late February, we
thought this might be a good chance to introduce some new folks to what it's
like to deploy with H.O.T., show them the workflow, tools, data models, etc,
as a way of growing our roster for future deploys.

We don't have any funding at all for this, but we'd love it if you or anyone
you could recommend from your networks would be able to come.  There's a lot
of work to be done and it would be a great avenue for people who are
interested in deploying with H.O.T to learn more.  I'd love to host someone
here in the first few weeks of February.

Th ideal candidate will have GIS and/or software development experience,
background working in international development or humanitarian relief,
flexible work lives that would allow them to deploy in the event of future
emergencies, and strong desire to help contribute to growing the H.O.T.

This will be a recurring need and in the future we will have funding for
these sorts of training deploys.  In the meantime, drop me an email if you
are interested.

Thanks much,

robert.soden at gmail.com
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