[HOT] HOT Activation in response to Floods in Brazil

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Fri Jan 14 00:20:48 GMT 2011

User:Britoboy  set up a page in Portuguese with some basic info, and I've 
translated it:

We can quickly improve the quality of the map using Bing imagery here in 

There's missing connecting roads still, and lots of bridge tags need adding 
where roads cross the rivers. I've done a bit just now. Looks like bing imagery 
needs shifting to the North-east a little bit to line up with some GPS tracks 

Harry Wood

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Subject: [HOT] HOT Activation in response to Floods in Brazil

Hi there-

Part of Brazil was under serious flooding (see ReliefWeb - Brazil Floods) and 
might need help. Great if someone can step in, start a FloodsResponse page from 
the WikiProject_Brazil and get in touch with the strong local Brazilian 
community to see how to support them bes. 
I am reaching out to the humanitarian UN & NGO network for usable vector and 
raster data in support of this crisis and will revert to the wiki


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