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Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Tue Jun 7 15:36:45 BST 2011

On 2011-06-07, Jean-Guilhem Cailton wrote 

> After the recent flood in Haut-Richelieu, Québec, and the request to use MapOSMatic in this context,
> it happens that I met Thomas, one of the developers of MapOSMatic.

> When I had asked about this functionality of map booklet, he had told me that they had started working
> on this (or on features that would make this easier, I don't remember exactly) during the Hackfest last August.

> Maybe coordinating efforts on this would be the best way to move forward?

Because of the lag in MapOSMatic database update, it was not possible to use it for Haut-Richelieu street maps. I agree that we should coordinate efforts to move forward and shorten delays to produce such maps.

Boundary relations are an easy way to define areas to work on the field and, obviously, Map tools should permit to produce a map from these relations.


Pierre Béland 
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