[HOT] SPOT imagery update - West of the Ivory Coast

Frédéric Bonifas fredericbonifas at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 13:04:41 BST 2011


Spot has extended its aerial imagery coverage over Cote d'Ivoire for
use in OSM. A large part at the Liberian border is now available.
You can view the new images boundary :
Full extent is here : http://www.openstreetmap.org/?relation=1637990

Many new roads can now be added. Unfortunately, images are too bright
over big cities (like Guiglo) so the streets are hardly visible. But a
lot of work is remaining outside the cities !

The WMS address has not changed :
and attribution is still "Cnes / Spot Image"
Details are available here at the third and last row of the table :

Displaced persons are still numerous in this area. For those
interested, you can read the latest report of OCHA here :

A big thanks to all those involved, tracing over this imagery, and to SPOT.

Frédéric Bonifas
+33672652807 skype:fredericbonifas

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