[HOT] [Talk-ca] Flooding in Richelieu River, Quebec, Canada :Follow-up(Complement of information)

Daniel Begin jfd553 at hotmail.com
Fri May 27 18:52:26 BST 2011

Bonjour tous le monde,


I have generated a 30m and 31m contour lines for Richelieu river and lake
Champlain (using SRTM data). It fits the 30m contour provided by
Jean-Guilhem but doesn't seem to fit pretty well the flooded wetland area
provided by Pierre.


Any idea if this data can be used (usgs licence point of view)?

And if it can be usefull?





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:Follow-up(Complement of information)


Jean-Guilhem Cailton  wrote on 2011-05-27

> According to the shapefile data, Lake Champlain, and hence
Venise-en-Québec are above the 30 m elevation.

> The shapefile contains punctual elevations of 31 m in this area (Plage
Missisquoi, for example).

> The next contour line would be the 40 m one, but it does not look like it
would be very useful for this.

This is exact. The 40 meter contour line is not usefull for us.


Thanks Jean-Guilhem.


Pierre Béland

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