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Daniel Begin wrote on 2011-05-28 
> an image interpretation of the flooded area of Haut-Richelieu has been uploaded, replacing the first work done by Pierre (Thanks to Pierre) .It's time to put our boots on the ground - > in the water?!!

Fantastic, Daniel.  Whats about a super-relation to show simultaneously the 6 relations you created?

Just a bit of insight.

I have to tell you that after three weeks of long boots, walking in the water, we start to be a bit tired. But it's nothing as compared to affected peoples. Some are discouraged, stressed and very emotional, isolated in their houses surrounded by corrupted water.  After more than a month, there are still families that have to leave the house behind, because of the contaminution and health risks.

The planning of the "Grande Corvée" (Big drudgery ?) to show solidarity to these people is going very well. After last monday high waters and the prediction of high waters for tomorrow again, the public reaction to the various medias was spontaneous and fantastic. In three days, 3,000 people have already called to indicate their participation at the "Grande Corvée" planned for the 11-12 of june. If weather help! And all kind of propositions are made to help affected people : Pick-up Trucks, food,  psychological help, tow truck, amphibious vehicle, chain saws, etc.


Pierre Béland 

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Hi all,
an image interpretation of the flooded area of Haut-Richelieu has been uploaded, replacing the first work done by Pierre (Thanks to Pierre) .It's time to put our boots on the ground - in the water?!!

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Great find Daniel !

To use directly the GeoTiff images in JOSM, you could try the ImportImagePlugin, but I haven't tried it.

I put the EO1-ALI images from Earth Observatory online, in WMS and TMS, with the coordinates included in the GeoTiff files. 

Apparently, they were not georeferenced in relation to ground control points, but with the imagery layer shift option included in Josm, it is not too difficult to align them to existing data. For example, a shift of "197; -514" quickly adjusted over Venise-en-Québec seems to give a reasonable alignment in other areas of the images too.

We could try to improve the georeferencing of the original images with ground control points, but for now it seems that having a try at mapping the flood extent with the current setup has higher priority. Let me know if you think more work on georeferencing would be useful.


For the natural color image in TMS (recommended over WMS), use the following link in Josm:

For the shortwave infrared image in TMS:

The base WMS URL is : 

Thus, for the natural color image in WMS, use the following link in Josm:

For the shortwave infrared image in WMS:

Now on to OSM-style-collaborative-iterative flood extent mapping, without - and probably then with - boots :)

Best wishes,


Le 28/05/2011 05:53, Daniel Begin a écrit : 
Hi all,
I've tried to "put my boots on the ground" without  going there !-).  I found a pretty clear satellite image of the river at its max level (30-31m) - which doesn't really changed since ...
I made few geometric adjustments to the image and compare the result with 30m GeoBase and SRTM contours. Geobase contours gives better results between St-Jean and L'Île aux Noix but from there to the US boundary, neither GeoBase nor SRTM is right.
I'm trying to produce a flooded area from DEM data while I'm looking at an image that contains what I'm looking for - the flooded area!  Why not mapping from it? I understand the image can be used - http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/ImageUse/
Any idea on how I can use this GeoTiff image in JOSM?


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