[HOT] [off-topic] HOT Participating in Open Source Day at Grace Hopper

Leslie Hawthorn leslie at osuosl.org
Tue May 31 21:30:13 BST 2011

Hello everyone,
Apologies if this message is off-topic - pointers in the right
direction much appreciated. I have been lurking for awhile but this
message is my first post.

I am working with a volunteer team to create the first ever Open
Source Day at the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in
Computing Conference. [0] On the final day of the conference,
Saturday, 12 November 2011, we are inviting several humanitarian
focused open source projects to send mentors and work with the
attendees on coding projects as part of our Codeathon for Humanity. We
would like to invite the Humanitarian Open Street Map team to
participate if there's interest on your side. We are particularly
interested in having HOT/OSM join us due to the conference attendees'
interest in geo-related programming.

To get an idea of what the Codeathon for Humanity will be like, you
can take a look at information from last year's codeathon, which was
only a four hour event with one project involved, the Sahana Software
Foundation. [1] The Codeaathon for Humanity mailing list archives may
also be useful. [2]

Our goals for this year's Codeathon include:
- introducing more people to using/programming open source software
- give our attendees the opportunity to learn and collaborate together
- help the humanitarian project participants recruit new contributors

If you would be interested in participating, please contact me to
follow up. In either case, thank you for all of your hard work for
those in the greatest need through HOT.

[0] - http://gracehopper.org

[1] - http://gracehopper.org/2010/conference/open-source-track/#session6
and http://eden.sahanafoundation.org/wiki/GHC2010

[2] - http://groups.google.com/group/codeathon-for-humanity

Leslie Hawthorn
Open Source Outreach Manager
Oregon State University Open Source Lab

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