[HOT] Digitizing Ercis Turkey : Try to Trace with more precision

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Sun Nov 6 16:39:58 GMT 2011

Below are some observations following mapping with FirstLook imagery around Ercis. 

Some parts of this imagery are greyed due to the presence of clouds. In these areas, it is harder to interpret the lines, to distinguish between roads and rivers.  At the same time, this is HighRes imagery. We should take advantage of this high resolution to trace more precisely the roads and rivers. We should also be carefull to distinguish between roads and rivers.
A few roads or rivers traced with FirsLook look misaligned compared to this Imagery when zooming in. When we try to join a new road, we have to realign the road.

When editing with JOSM, I suggest to zoom in up to the level 70-100 meter to trace more precisely. The scale is located in the upper-left corner of JOSM editor.

Pierre Béland
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