[HOT] DigitalGlobe: HTTP 403

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Sat Nov 19 15:02:40 GMT 2011

Klaus Hartl wrote on 2011-11-19  07:12:33 
> I was currently working on the area of Erciş, where suddenly 
> DigitalGlobe's response for 
> https://services.digitalglobe.com/earthservice/wmtsaccess changed to 
> "Forbidden (403)".

Hi Klaus

First, I thought that I had no problem accessing Imagery through JOSM today. In fact, at high zooms levels, there are none. But when I try to go at zoom levels lower than 150 m, a start like you to receive messages :
1. No tiles ath this zoom level
2. Server returned response HTTP code 403 for URL https://services.digitalglobe.com/earthservice/wmtsaccess 


Pierre Béland 
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