[HOT] ICCM/Geneva/Etc

Kate Chapman kate at maploser.com
Sun Nov 27 15:31:41 GMT 2011

Hi All,

I wrote a blog post update about Geneva.
Sorry about the late update, I traveled for 24 hours three weekends in
a row so I was a bit exhausted.

Another thing that came out of ICCM is there are of course a lot of
people interested in the work OpenStreetMap has done.  This is both
the remote response (DigitalGlobe used a screenshot of the tasking
server in their presentation) and the preparedness and response on the
ground that HOT has been working on.

I also learned something that I thought I would mention.  Some groups
think HOT is well funded, I suppose that is all part of perspective. I
just wanted to mention that Nicolas and I aren't collecting big
salaries and then begging everyone to do work in their free time.  We
do get paid for the project work we have been doing,   I am speaking
for myself when I say I'm fortunate to not have a family to support
which allows me to spend so much time on OpenStreetMap. If anyone has
any questions though please,
please ask.



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