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Hi Frans,

The methodology for mapping is : focus on the important things.
You have a very large amount to do, lots to learn. It will not be
easy. You will never have enough people, and there will never be
enough time.
So start with focusing on the important things : Major roads, names of
them. Major points of interest. Mountains and landmarks. In cities
focus on places that people want to visit.
Take a look at travel guides and wikipedia articles, see what is
mentioned first, make sure those things are on the map. Focus on what
people are going to look for.

Also , learn from others. See what other people are doing on hot projects.

HOT is humanitarian, so basically, you are preparing for disaster.
When something horrible happens in your country, people are going to
need maps. You are going to need a team to work on this, a large team.
So you need to work on building up skills for people. Take a look at
places where flooding, earthquakes etc occur. you are going to want to
map those areas. Look at places affected by the tsunami etc. Those
costal areas will be in focus. You never know where disaster will
strike, you you need to be prepared.

Also, look what Mikel Maron is doing in Kibera http://mapkibera.org/
they are mapping a slum. this is also a humanitarian project. People
in poor condition need help. you can look for unmapped roads or
makeshift towns and try and map them.

But all if this is going to need a team, the best way to start
teambuilding is to invite experts. You have mappers in indonesia,
contact them.. Invite mappers to come and talk to your team. Schedule
a mapping day. Get GPS devices. Talk to schools etc. You need to be
aslo on the talk-id mailing list, and using the OSM resources that
people have mentions. Many of your questions belong on other forums.

my final bit of advice is this , read this article on how to ask a question :
you need to choose your forum carefully to get the right answers. the
people on HOT are totally overloaded with work. You need to build up a
team and find funding for it.

If you really want to do something good, collect money for airplane
tickets and hotel costs for some OSM experts and invite them to do a
workshop with you.


On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 12:12 AM, Frans Thamura <frans at meruvian.org> wrote:
> Hi all
> Can u share ur methodology in yout mapping work?
> Usually we here use a methodology to work, and based on it create material.
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