[HOT] OSM Tasking Manager - scope and use case

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Tue Nov 29 02:00:19 GMT 2011

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Response to http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/hot/2011-November/001170.html "FirstLook Imagery of Turkey - cloud cover - suggested new checkbox in Task Manager" from Kate Chapman

I do think that the OSM Tasking Manager being scoped to one-task-for-one-imagery-set is appropriate.  What I suggest is that the 'new imagery needed' tag be used for job bridging at the macro level.  The statistic of 'how many work units / proportion of work units which indicated need for better imagery' could be fed back to the imagery provider as a use case-specific comment on content they provided.  I do not propose that this _necessarily_ be a direct bridge to a different job, but quite sophisticated bridging could be enabled if the work-cell grids were matched between two different imagery sets.  In the absence of work-cell grid mapping congruity, the 'need better imagery' tag becomes simply a statistic and area delimiter for the provider and for the conversion of provided imagery to jobs in OSM Tasking Manager ... this needs a little explanation.  Let's say that Digital Globe provides a new imagery set.  The 'need new imagery' tag could be used to define the boundary for a new job in the OSM tasking manager; of course, this would likely require manual curation, but I think that would be a small price to pay for segregating into two Jobs a) update to high quality imagery and b) updated to low quality imagery.  --OSM user ceyockey

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