[HOT] Simulation in Samoa

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 30 21:02:50 GMT 2011

Thanks Jean-Guilhem

I uploaded your OpenLayers.js file.  I also added img and theme subdirectories and the API works fine now.
for reminder, see http://pierzen.dev.openstreetmap.org/hot/openlayers/samoa.htm 



Guilhem Cailton 2011-11-30  14:08:20 

Hi Pierre, 

Thank you for this page, and the interesting links.

Le 30/11/2011 18:23, Pierre Béland a écrit : 

Note that Mapnik OSM Overlay can be overlapped over Google base layers, but a <<Coming Soon>> tile is showed when trying to overlap over Bing Imagery layers.

I think this is related to this openlayers bug :

and maybe other similar bugs (present in openlayers trac about bing zoom), that may be exposed by the "obtenir_tuiles_serveur" function.

Bug 3485 was closed and is fixed in development version of OpenLayers.
(If it's convenient for you, you can get a copy here:
that you could copy to your site. - Please don't include this url in your page as my upstream connection is slow for such a big file for users. - And then I could include your copy of current OpenLayer.js, on a fast download link, in my page ;)

Using standard OpenLayer.OSM.Mapnik, by removing the line that was commented out, and commenting the TMS line, works for me.

You can see my slightly modified version of your samoa.htm here:

and check that it works for you.

Best wishes,

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