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Hendrik Oesterlin hendrikmail2002 at yahoo.de
Mon Oct 24 11:41:45 BST 2011

"Latze" Latze98 at gmx.net wrote on 24/10/2011 at 18:34:15 +1100
subject "[HOT] Fwd: 2011-10-23 10:41:21 (M 7.3) EASTERN TURKEY 38.6 43.5 (378fb)" :

> Am 24.10.2011 06:09, schrieb maning sambale:
>> Any advice on the offset?  I notice some are tracing directly from the 
>> imagery without changing offset, while other roads seems to have an 
>> offset.  Not sure which edits should be followed.
>> There are a few traces, but too few to serve as reference.
> Maybe this could help:

> According to http://gc.kls2.com/airport/VAN the coordinates of the 
> airport are 38.468219N 43.332300E. With an offset of 26.95; -6.07 this
> is the quite middle of the runway. I don't know I we can trust this 
> coordinates or if it is legal to use them as a reference.

30;-14 seems to be good according to the fex GPS traces available.
This value is almost the same as the one you found using the airport.

Would it be good to fix the value to use for every body in the wiki,
as at the moment it is quite a mess having ofsetted and original
tracing side by side.

I have for now just deleted some diplicate roads, remember to update
frequently your data in JOSM!

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