[HOT] Mapping Bissau landuse

Sam Larsen samlarsen1 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 19 12:03:50 BST 2011


There are quite a few large 'forested' areas in & around the city of Bissau which, at least some of them look like fruit orchards.  At the moment it looks like people are tagging them as natural=wood.  You should let those who are using the landuse data know that there will be large sections of 'wooded' areas in the map which may actually be agricutlture and can only really be verified by ground survey at this stage. 


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>Subject: Re: [HOT] Mapping Bissau landuse
>Is anyone interested in generating shapefiles ?
>What would be great :
>* Geographical areas :
>- Bissau city
>- whole Guinea-Bissau
>* Thematic
>The shapefiles generated by osm2shp are already great, but do not
>convert landuse areas.
>Perhaps renaming the shapefile "natural" to "landuse", and including
>all the polygons with the keys "natural", "leisure" and "landuse"
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