[HOT] Feed Back GIS for the UN in Geneva 2-5th April

Fred fmoine at hotmail.fr
Fri Apr 6 08:58:30 BST 2012

Dear Hotties,

Total success for OSM during this Esri/Unosat Event april 2012.

During this session : 
http://www.gisfortheun.com/agenda/breakout-sessions.html/ Humanitarian 
mapping in action :

Amy Noreuil Usaid/Oti and I   had the chance to talk a lot about OSM 
(Amy for saint Marc) and myself to said if you start with a 
participative platform you are not so far for a Geo collaboration 
between actors and it is a good chance to populate or build your own 
spatial data infrastructure for field operation (and "user generated 
content on crowdsourcing").

After I have described carefully how mapping can structure volunteer 
from the community to represent and start making action in their 
territories. For two years, I am following this OSM group in Haiti and I 
have seen the change.

During this session Geographic information in Post Crisis:

Rene saameli made a very very good presentation about"walikale " 
project, we will share soon his presentation.At the end MOU is now 
possible with ICRC and so by extension with iFRCwhy not. Training for 
volunteershttp://www.icrc.org/eng/resources/documents/misc/57jq2z.htm . 
Well done I was impressed also.

Open discussion with : Acted , Usaid Oti, a responsible for UN sub 
regional office eastern Africa (Jean will talk more about it), ICRC/ IFRC.

Technology: to testhttp://esriosmeditor.codeplex.com/new version. I 
should go in Redlands june/july perhaps for IOM and will see the 
development team.

For 6 months we made some test at IOM to extract OSM data in arcgis and 
others soft in Haiti (You have seen Severin report and HT talk). So I 
will keep an eyes on it.

So finally I will stop my contract 15 may 2012 with IOM in Haiti (that 
time is sure :), after more than 2 years in Haiti (and Pakistan), so I 
will help remotely OSM group and We are working also for extension of 
the IOM GIS team (include some COSMHA inside IOM Team) till end of this 

IOM decide to put as much as we can data in OSM, we are a strong partner 
with OSM since 2010 (We are working for a Census in mountain area Port 
Au Prince ) to highlight all this slum area. We are starting again to 
train NGO in PaP on OSM. And finally we will put more effort on road 
cleaning always in Port Au Prince. IOM support also mapping party in 
Gonaives, and for sure we will do also in Cap Haitien and surrounding.

All the best, take care, Fred

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