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Senegal got badly hit by heavy rain falls in the last days and large areas
of the country and the capital Dakar are flooded
The situation seems as difficult if not worsed than in the last major flood
event dating 2009 where Senegal requested international assistance
So far the Directorate of Civil Protection (DPC) asked OCHA to place an
imagery request on his behalf to UNOSAT so that the coutnry can get access
to the imagery provided by the Charter.

Civil Society groups are stepping in and the local mappers are willing to

It looks like the situation calls for a response on our end, its magnitude
is not yet clear and more info will help us framing it in an appropriate
manner in the next days

A wiki crisis page got started at
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Senegal/Flooding_2012 to coordinate
Talks are already happening on talk sn
Expect as well elements on the hot facebook and twitter

Asides of the specific requests that may arise from on the ground actors,
the Bing Imagery over Dakar is good and since baseline data is an asset,
tracing is the first task that can be done in order to help
The worsed hit areas that we know so far are
* Nord and Ouest Foire (neighborhoods)
* Grand Yoff/ Yoff
* Areas in Pikine
* Areas in Guediawaye

More on the Mapping Tasks section of the wiki as time goes by-


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