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Dear All,

I have requested these images for IOM GIS unit only

For OSM we are still waiting and it is good to see people are working on it.

1. Supported Operation:

inside  JOSM/OSM

- Building digitalization using pre image (before sandy)we have some hot 
task manager running over the most affected area.

- Make a road update using  post image (when/if available).

- Baseline data update

- Optional, if the skilled human resource are available
For damage assessment, we can update the status of the building, but it 
is important to have first the building before and then update the 
status (destroyed, damaged), need to be done by mappers with a strong 
skill in disaster management and JOSM.


For grey river (Tabarre area) we are using IOM Uav imagery
And we are working with local authority, ONG, IOM gis unit, a group of 
OSM mappers (haiti), for damage assessment,

UAV imagery(we are making also a 3D view on those images).


Pour JOSM, vous pouvez utiliser l'URL TMS suivante :


Pour Potlatch2, elle s'écrit :


BUT STILL Imagery are requested to cover a large area.

2. Geographic Bound:

- South of Haiti, Metropolitan area. See also the extend for the call 
418 http://hdds.usgs.gov/hdds2

3. Reason for Use.What analytical problem needs to be solved?

Post disaster assessment.Note that is no more emergency and Call 418 
charter activation is close.

However we still need the imagery to make damage assessment In the field.

Optional reading :

-- It is still the same problem they open a call and close it 2-3 weeks 

When in the field NGO/UN/Civil protection finished also their emergency, 
and we have time to send feedback to the project manager (Charter) about 
their product (vector),they are not available easily, is no longer the 
priority. Or worst they said, we have to request imagery before the call 
end... but we need to be inform when we trigger the charter !

And for that, we need to have the imagery to refine the product also and 
give this important feedback they claim for, but we need more time.

We have emergency and then post emergency, plan and action.  Charter 
activation are very useful and they build their program to answer 
quickly to an emergency and to ask their partner to make some product.

But why they spend their money in a charter activation after an 
emergency, if they don't let us the time for an interaction after those 
2-3 weeks where we can use their image and vector, after the 
consolidation of field damage assessment exercise, and when we start to 
make real plan and more analysis ?. --

4. License for derived works. Will the data be a public or private

good? All the information collected will be put into OpenStreetMap

At IOM haiti we are under this license CC-*BY-NC-SA, *But I have made a 
specific document for OSM to share our data, case by case.

But, since 2010 IOM haiti is using JOSM to update baseline data , and we 
made a risk reduction project in cite soleil based on JOSM/OSM .

It is easier for us to work with JOSM/OSM, as it is for the moment the 
best platform to share baseline data  along the main stakeholders and it 
is also an important tool to involve local community or NGO during a 
mapping party concept (we are able to share a lot of  informations in an 
interactive mode) .

At IOM we will never share personal information, only baseline data

5. Partners. Who will benefit? The acting organizations (NGOs, UN,

academics), the local authorities and the government

In Metropolitan area, humanitarian actors/ civil protection as they are 
using mainly data from Open street Map.

After Municipality, national government by a way or another.

6. Objective:

Track the change and update OSM baseline data in Haiti.

Let me know it if it not clear enough or your need more information 
about an End user,

or if my french english is not good enough but after 3 years in haiti 
(mix with french creole ) I need time to improve it : )   Fred

Le 12/1/2012 4:06 AM, Kate Chapman a écrit :
> Hi All,
> We do not have the appropriate permission to use these images to map
> yet. So please do not start tracing. We are working on figuring this
> out with the appropriate parties.
> Thanks,
> -Kate
> On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 10:14 AM, Fred Moine <frmoine at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear Hot,
>> After the Charter Activation call 418  NGA /USGS took several images over
>> Haiti  (WorldView 2).,
>> I have activated this charter with OCHA and national civil protection after
>> Sandy storm in Haiti.
>> USGS gave me access to these images for IOM Haiti,  could we do the same for
>> OSM / HOT and then put a WMS / TMS service to use it on JOSM.
>> See below the message from USGS representative
>> Dear Frederic,
>> I have attached the instructions for registering on the system and
>> requesting access to an event.  please let me know if you have any
>> questions.
>> Best regards,
>> Brenda
>> http://hdds.usgs.gov/hdds2
>> If you have not registered on either EarthExplorer or HDDS, please click the
>> register button in the top right corner of the screen and go thru the
>> registration process. It is a very simple process.  Once registered, you
>> will have access to EarthExplorer and HDDS download capabilities.
>> To sign up for the event access -
>> go to http://hdds.usgs.gov/hdds2
>> go to the login button in the upper right corner of the screen
>> enter your usercode and password
>> Click on fill out an access request form
>> select the event you require access for
>> complete the justification box  and submit
>> Please let me know if you have any questions.
>> Brenda K. Jones
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>> HOT at openstreetmap.org
>> http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/hot

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