[HOT] RDC-Congo Pre-Activation : Lac Kivu

Reinier Battenberg reinier.battenberg at mountbatten.net
Sat Dec 8 09:19:33 GMT 2012


I live in the region and if that can be of any advantage, i'd be happy to assist. The 2 things i can think of are:

- i know some journalists that use kampala as their base but fly into congo and report from the frontline. Am not sure how HOT's relationship with the press has been previously, but it might be a good way to reach more NGO's that follow the news about the region.

- We can visit MONUC in Entebbe from where all the supplies for the UN is distributed to show them the map and some tools for real. Contacts there (though I can ask around as well) and a 'sales' strategy so we arrive well prepped are much appreciated.

And more ideas of how we can leverage our physical proximity.

If we should be HOT members for this, you have until tomorrow evening :-)


ketty, douglas, ketty

----- Original message -----
> We are still in Pre-activation for RDC-Congo, but situation is very
> instable and may evolve rapidly. There are refugees in many areas around
> Lac Kivu and humanitarian NGOs are planning to help these people.
> I am in contact with a GIS specialist in Congo and we are planning more
> mapping actions.
> As Harry stated before,  Mapping DRC is a priority right now.  Imagery
> available is like a patchwork. I started to prepare a few Tasks for Lac
> Kivu area were Bing Imagery is available.  New imagery will be necessary
> for areas not covered with Bing imagery. Sake is also a priority but we
> have no imagery presently.
> Thanks for those who contributed for the Goma area. This task is now
> completed.  Humanitarian NGOs in the area are very pleased and asked us
> to pursue our efforts.
> I invite HOT contributors to continue mapping around the lake with the
> task 108 and other Lac Kivu tasks that should be added in the next few
> hours.
> Minova area http://tasks.hotosm.org/job/108
> Pierre 

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