[HOT] Meeting with MSF UK

Fred Moine frmoine at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 08:12:14 GMT 2012

Since 2008, I made some mapping project with MSF Belgium and Switzerland.
Last time I meet MSF Switzerland to talk also about Open Street Map. Soon
they are going to realize a document about Geographical information,
Mapping... so let see if we can give some input.

See some of their need

1 - Able to create their own maps for the emergency (24/24h) department at
headquarters (ideally with MSF data MSF (Kind of MapOSMatic
http://maposmatic.org/). To have a map quickly available.
2-Get back geographical information from the field . At MSF Swiss they are
using a Business intelligence soft, to store analyze data from the field.
Tracks / recommendations:
1 - Advanced user needs and the number of services involved in how many
2 - Peel the working methods and processes.
3 - At the technical level, make a precise specification with a time
estimate for each feature to implement.
Difficulties to anticipate:
- Identify and mark known brakes.

a+ fred
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