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Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Tue Dec 11 00:00:42 GMT 2012


An area that did not work with the previous version is now done very rapidly.  I am now able to follow work around Lac Kivu RD Congo.

If I define a bbox with a long north-south range and a short east-west range, this is not reflected on the map in the report.

It would be good to trace the bbox on the map an adjust the map to take account of the bbox.

anyway, thanks a lot. :)


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>So, thanks to your idea and Tom's work, we are using the Overpass API now.
>I've updated http://reporter.fluv.io.
>For example: 
>Note that now the bottleneck is the data transfer + parse time, so it 
>still time out, but in larger views than before.
>So work in progress ;)
>On 12/10/2012 03:56 PM, Kate Chapman wrote:
>> Hi Yohan,
>> This is great. I'm wondering if it makes sense to switch it to use the
>> Overpass API, that way we wouldn't run into the same API restrictions.
>> -Kate
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