[HOT] DRC Imagery Quality (Tasks #122, 118, 117)

william skora skorasaurus at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 19:56:33 GMT 2012


Great progress we've made on the tasks in the DRC.

Regarding Task #122, the northwest portion - (minlon 28.978, minlat -1.04,
maxlon 29.146, maxlat -0.9151) of the task is covered by clouds in some
parts of the area, other parts of it there's imagery artifacts, both make
it difficult to trace in those areas.

This issue had also affected one of the other DRC tasks (#118 or #117 ?)
and I read in #hot irc PovAddict (I'm sorry I don't recall his proper name
at the moment) had made some changes to josm to improve the imagery so that
it making it easier to see features and trace. Is this available yet for
other users ?

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