[HOT] Libya OSM conection on ArcGIs9.3

Séverin MENARD severin.menard at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 00:22:44 GMT 2012

Hi Robert,

ArcGIS 9.3 is more limited than the version 10 to deal with OSM for which
at least these ways can be used:

   - the ArcGIS Editor for OSM
must confess I do not know well as the tests I made from Haiti a few
   months ago were not very positive due to bandwith issues (need to find the
   time to do it again)

   - the new query layers that allow acces to various database format
   (including PostGIS)

But at least another plug-in works both for v 9.3 and 10 in read-only mode
allowing read/write access. Is is called:

   - St-links <http://st-links.com/default.aspx>. The default version is
   limited up to 100 objects but the registration file to be requested is free
   (but as far as I know, a registration file is dedicated to one specific

Both for query layers or ST-links, you would need to import the .osm data
into a Postgis database. If the field names of your database include some
fancy characters as colons, the geometry will be displayed but you will not
access the attributes table. It can be solved by creating a view fo the



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> hi folks!
> , i'm trying to get a OSM basline layer on an ArcGIs 9.3 (9.3 not 90.3.1or
> 10) but i can not connecto to it, except using ArcBruTtle which i think
> it's not 100% legal. also i would like to have the possibility to zoom in
> with no limits. We want to use this to produce automatic atlas of maps for
> Field data collection for Libya.
> Any idea ow to do tht. Note, i do not want to use shapefiles, i would like
> to be able to "suck" the data from a WFS or similar...ArcGis9.3 does not
> allow a connection to ArcGIS online..ther ias a WFs for Europe
> but..ohhhhh..currelnty none for africa..
> Let me know!
> Thanks!
> Robert Colombo
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