[HOT] Fw: Central America health facilities (Cenrut.org)

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On a brief inspection of the data there seems to be three types of data, hospitals, first Aid and unknown. I can put in the hospitals and maybe put in the first aid as doctor and mark the unknown ones. Before I do this are there any suggestions from the list so that I can keep the tags consistent with other areas of the world. Only the hospitals would be rendered on the default map for openstreetmap.



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Subject: [HOT] Fw: Central America health facilities (Cenrut.org)


Anyone interested to set up a conflation of ~500 hospital locations from Central America?

A group called CENRUT worked with WHO and some OSM data to produce the attached list (in GPX). It's available of course for use back in OSM.


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>It was great to see you again.  The export file of the health facilities in Cenrut is attached to this email.  It would be great to have someone verify that all these health facilities are in OSM.
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