[HOT] Question regarding tasking manager "etiquette"

Pierre GIRAUD pierre.giraud at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 02:12:43 GMT 2012

Hi all,

Once again this is a useful feedback.

Let me sum up a bit the different problems that were raised here:
1/ some users are timid and hesitate to mark a task as done.
Possible solutions:
- add encouragement messages,
- let them mark the task as "to be validated" or "to be finished".

2/ users loose the reference to the tile they were previously working on.
I have ideas of enhancements to solve this issue. This is in my roadmap.

3/ rankings are bad
Agreed. The list of users is the only thing others need.

4/ admin users can't mark a task as undone.
As far as I know, anyone can invalidate a done task. Were you thinking
about something different, Pierre?


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Le 17 févr. 2012 à 21:50, Tim McNamara <paperless at timmcnamara.co.nz> a écrit :

> I spent a long time mapping Padang before the visible boundaries
> appeared. I would often go outside the bounds of the area, with the
> hope that this would benefit the next person.
> Let's not place too much effort on rankings, but working as a team to
> get these areas mapped. (Why are there rankings?)
> On 18 February 2012 09:21, Harry Wood <mail at harrywood.co.uk> wrote:
>> Yes maybe sometimes people forget to mark their task as done, or they forget
>> which square they had been working on. I think probably people are also
>> sometimes timid about marking a task as done, in case it's not really
>> finished yet, or they've done it wrong.
>> Similarly when a job is first set up, there's may be squares which are done
>> already or which can be very quickly and easily done. For Samoa we had an
>> overview "just the major roads" job, and I don't know if the major roads
>> were done extremely quickly during the exercise, or if they were actually
>> all already in place, but clearly the tasks were *all* done (in accordance
>> with the definition of the job, which was to map the major roads) when I
>> came to look at them later on, and yet very few squares were marked as such.
>> I think in both cases we need to be bold.  The task manager isn't going to
>> be useful if we don't mark squares as done when they are done. So if you're
>> looking for you next mapping square and find you've had your time wasted
>> because you're on a square which is already finished...  mark it as done.
>> The problem is that we don't get such a useful audit of who did what.  We
>> can try to fix that a bit. I think probably the system needs to prompt
>> people to mark their square as done if they forget e.g. by email.  And of
>> course there's the problem of people scoring massively because they mapped
>> all the ocean tiles (I'm good at that one!)
>> I think at the moment we should accept that the tool is not so useful for
>> keeping scores, but is already very useful for directing people where to
>> map, and that's the main thing. So the answer is "be bold". Mark the tasks
>> as done!  You can also add a comment e.g. "somebody else has done this one"
>> We're inventing the etiquette as we go along here though. It's all new.
>> Harry
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>> From: Michael Krämer <ohrosm at googlemail.com>
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>> Subject: [HOT] Question regarding tasking manager "etiquette"
>> Hello,
>> as I have previsously done some armchair mapping I recently decided to
>> direct some of my mapping energy to help mapping Padang. Doing this using
>> the tasking manager works perfectly for me. That's really a decent tool to
>> work with.
>> After mapping a number of squares I came across a few which were already
>> completely mapped. So I struggled what to do with those - mark as done or
>> not?
>> I assume marking as done would overall help the project. But on the other
>> hand it also a bit of taking credits for somebody else's efforts.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Regards,
>>     Michael
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