[HOT] Mapping for flash flood affected areas in Northern Mindanao, Philippines

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Tue Jan 3 12:52:24 GMT 2012

Dear everyone,

Mappy new year!

Thanks to everyone who helped in improving data in CDO and Iligan.  We
have made great progress in the last few days [0].  In the case of
Iligan, a local mapper is now taking over and is now adding road names
and other important map features.

I am also happy to report that the UN-OCHA Philippines is now aware
and is using our data for the situation maps they are producing [1], I
earnestly hope this is the start of future collaborations with the
local UN-OCHA office.

The situation is getting better down south, however, health reports
indicated that there are possibilities of a leptospirosis outbreak in
some evacuation centers.

[0] http://www.itoworld.com/product/data/ito_map/main?view=129&lat=8.318719428427448&lon=124.5563099614701&zoom=11
[1] http://ph.one.un.org/response/maps/index.php

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 6:23 PM, maning sambale
<emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear everyone,
> As you are probably aware, Northern Mindanao (specifically Cagayan de
> Oro and Iligan) was ravaged by flash floods a few days ago.  As of
> last update by the
> NDRRMC, 900 people have been killed, over 1,500 have been injured and
> almost 285,000 are served inside and outside 62 evacuation centers [0
> and 1].
> There are several crowdsource mapping initiatives already happening on
> various fronts by a government agency [2], academe [3] and local
> bloggers in
> Iligan city [4]. Moreover, updated hires imagery for CDO and Iligan
> should be available soon [5].
> Unfortunately, I've seen very little demand for now to provide updated
> OSM dataset because the primary focus is on relief and donation (and
> rightly so).
> However, on the long term basis, I feel that OSM can provide better
> data as disaster (of this magnitude) in our county is happening on an
> annual basis.
> UN-OCHA is the primary UN Agency "leading actors to ensure a coherent
> response to emergencies" has a set of operational datasets [6] that
> are used
> to support the work of humanitarian actors across multiple sectors.
> Maybe OSM can provide better data to UN-OCHA?
> As we try to get in contact with humanitarian orgs to use OSM data I
> encourage you to continue mapping the affected areas using Bing
> imagery and
> provide further information in the existing crowd source mapping
> initiatives I mentioned.
> The immediate area affected are the following:
>  * Cagayan de Oro - http://osm.org/go/4sXdRch--
>  * Iligan - http://osm.org/go/4sVnseK
> We can start by adding roads and rivers.
> Other existing data that can be used for humanitarian efforts are:
>  * Rectified topomaps in my mapwarper ph instance -
> http://ec2-50-17-155-14.compute-1.amazonaws.com
>  ** CDO Geohazard map -
> http://ec2-50-17-155-14.compute-1.amazonaws.com/maps/317
>  ** CDO 1:50k topo - http://ec2-50-17-155-14.compute-1.amazonaws.com/maps/311
>  * CDO watershed and other GIS data -
> http://www.philgis.org/Miscellaneous/CagayanDeOroRiverWatershed/CDO_River_Basin.htm
>  * Garmin road (OSm derived) and contour (SRTM derived) maps -
> http://esambale.wikispaces.com/osmphil_garmin
> ===
> [0] http://reliefweb.int/taxonomy/term/188
> [1] http://reliefweb.int/taxonomy/term/9748
> [2] http://ereport.dswd.gov.ph/
> [3] https://philippinedisasterwatch.crowdmap.com/
> [4] http://www.oneforiligan.com/
> [5] http://www.disasterscharter.org/web/charter/activation_details?p_r_p_1415474252_assetId=ACT-382
> [6] http://cod.humanitarianresponse.info/country-region/philippines
> --
> cheers,
> maning
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"Freedom is still the most radical idea of all" -N.Branden
wiki: http://esambale.wikispaces.com/
blog: http://epsg4253.wordpress.com/

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