[HOT] Libya Health Facillity Map

Pierre Béland infosbelas-gps at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 9 15:48:34 GMT 2012


this is your solution that I just tested and added to the script. Thanks a lot. 

Your solution works. I am also in contact with pgiraud through HOT chat. He also suggested  to change state back to navigation after popup.

We now have some kind of Crowdsourcing solution to offer to monitor Task force work and  for interacting with people on the field.

Pierre Béland 

De : andrzej zaborowski 
Date/heure : 2012-01-09  10:10:39 
A : Pierre_Béland 
Cc : HOT Openstreetmap; COLOMBO, Robert 
Sujet : Re: [HOT] Libya Health Facillity Map 
2012/1/9 andrzej zaborowski <balrogg at gmail.com>:
>> In the Javascript, the toggleControl(element) function lets permute between
>> the two modes. On the other hand,
>> the   events.register("click", map, function) opens a popup when we click on
>> the map. This should popup only when the Add Facility mode is active.
>> I dont succeed in reading status of Controls object.  As I understand it,
>> there should be an instruction that will let me know if the Controls(point)
>> is active.
> The page uses .activate(), in the same way ".active" can be used to
> check if the control is active. (Controls["point"].active)
> Alternatively using plain html dom "if
> (document.getElementById('pointToggle').checked) .." should also work?
(Sorry if I misunderstood the question -- it looks like you're already
using these properties)
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