[HOT] Libya health mapping, the final sprint

Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 11 14:07:28 GMT 2012

Hi everyone

We're in the final days of the Libya Health Facility Mapping with WHO, and SBTF and GISCorps. We've done great work so far in this small important step for Libya's health system. Saturday January 14th at 10pm EST is our deadline. Onward!

We've been in a holding pattern for the past couple days. GISCorps put in great work on quality control and reformatting of the documents. We are now reactivated.

The newly formatted file contains 6 new and/or revised fields and they are:
- A unique ID (not to be edited)
- Sector Type (drop down)
- HF Type (drop down)
- Shabia or City (not new but now has a drop down)
- Date of data collection (no drop down)
- Link to the source (no drop down)

The instructions have updated on Sheet 1. The highest priority task is to review the QC, and update the sheet based on it. And then, to continue add location to exisiting facilities, or find new facilities.

If you already have access to the sheet and the Skype chat, then please jump right in. If you don't, but want to help, just email me directly.

Also, let me add that Pierre Beland has been hard at work on a public visualization and simplified contribution to the effort. Check it out!

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