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(Added HOT to the list as the issue here is probably of interest In the areas where HOT is active.)

What was your process / what tools did you use?

In general:
I've dreamed of solutions to fix not only capitalization errors / fuckups but also various other typing errors / mistakes in names to use especvially in Haiti where I've spent countless hours trying to combat things that various helping hands are creating on a steady basis.

My dream solution would be a simple(?) export-import tool that would make it possible to:
1) Export desired tag values (1 at a time) to csv / your_favorite_spreadsheet_format
2) Fix the typos/etc errors in that give data
3) Import/Upload the fixed data back to OSM.

As Alex originally questioned/thought_aloud fixing of names _could_ happen simply by editing the xml file manually -- but you'd need to always remember to add the "edited" tag into the right place for the edit to work / get registered in the data upload.
.. And such data manipulation is simply _so_ much easier in a spreadsheet application -- and can be outsourced to people who understand nothing about geo/tech tools but who know how to fix CapiTAliZaTi0n errors / typos.

The additional reason I'd _love_ to have such tool is that it could make it possible to create a simple list of eg all schools, hospitals, restaurants, what_not within a given osm file. 

.. Especially convenient would be if the developer of such tool would make it possible to export / list more than just one field into the csv/spreadsheet file; say, name, address, phone, email, website, description, etc.

Adding and updating such attribute data would imo be _so_ much easier / more efficient in a spreadsheet than one-by-one in JOSM/Potlacth/etc.

If someone would have a Kickstarter/etc project to do this (or can point me to an existing such solution) I'd be very much willing to contribute, say, $100-200 depending on the richness of features of such tool.


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On 31 May 2012 17:39, Alex Barth <alex at mapbox.com> wrote:
> We're currently working with Ruben (user Rub21) on fixing street name capitalization in Lima - a lot of the street names are ALL CAPS where they should be properly capitalized. We're doing this work manually right now and are well under way. It's quite time intensive though - any examples of where such a cleanup process has been automated on OSM before?

I ran such a process on the POI names in Girona that were imported
just before the SOTM'10.  Accents were correct already and python
dealt with them correctly.  The only special cases were some
prepositions that are written in lower case and the Catalan use of

http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/5073672 is one of the changesets.


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