[HOT] Feedbacks about smartphones use for OSM field surveys

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Sat Jun 9 23:24:51 BST 2012

Some quick thoughts.

This comparison / discussion is very much needed. Thanks, Sev, for initiating.

* gps a major problem. Seems to b the concl of others, larger ngos with tech teams, too
- I'm gonna b testing ext BT gps solutions in the near future
* qwerty is good. I yearn for it always.
* small screen is bad
- 7" display is lovely
- large size can cause security issues, devices being "lost", too
* amoled is _good_ (and other bright screens)
* dust/water proof is good
* battery is usually a problem
* I'm working with a Finnish mobile data survey platform provider (poimapper.com) and they are looking into creating a more directly osm-compatible version of their mobile app. The license is currently 250 or 500eur/mo (for upto 25 devices) for ngos/businesses, respectively, but if there's an interest within HOT to participate in helping create the osm-geared app/solution I'm quite sure that we could get one a free license for HOT. 
.. I'm going to be testing the usability of Poimapper "as is" with some OSM presets in the (more or less) near future in any case. If someone's interested I can create a test account on individual basis. Let me know.


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