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Although it hadn't been used yet by anyone else, I used the googledoc
that you had offered to add my experiences from using smartphones and
dedicated GPS units during the most recent HOT mission in Sénégal. If
you have any more questions, feel free to respond on here or offlist.

Will Skora

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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Feedbacks about smartphones use for OSM field surveys
>      (S?verin MENARD)
>   2. Re: Feedbacks about smartphones use for OSM field surveys
>      (Jaakko Helleranta.com)
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> Subject: [HOT] Feedbacks about smartphones use for OSM field surveys
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> Hi,
> As more and more Hotties use now some fancy smartphones for OSM field
> survey instead of classic GPS devices like Garmin eTrex, but without the
> matter  having never been discussed (if I am not wrong), I had the idea to
> create a GoogleDocs
> spreadsheet<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvC6dUAEbjPidGdpN1JjRGFKdExKMHY2YW9FU2gteWc#gid=0>to
> get some feed-backs. Kate and Nicolas already had a look on it but
> feel
> free to add some extra fields if it seems necessary.
> Through this, we might identify good models for different kinds of use,
> that are not only related to technical aspects. As an example, in some
> countries, the main feature a smartphone must have is to be absolutely low
> profile.
> Beyond this, comes the editing-OSM-on-field issue: more and more solutions
> appear allowing to make surveys in electronic forms (web connected or
> synchronized when back to the office). As an example, a online forum about ICT
> in agriculture <http://www.ictinagriculture.org/ictinag/node/133> will
> occur soon. Even more related to our scope, this new initiave inter
> agencies/NGOs : http://humanitarian-nomad.org/
> I don't mean electronic forms should necessarily replace paper forms + maps
> surveys: for technical, cultural, practical, etc. reasons, they are
> sometimes the best solution anyway. But for some programs have intrinsic
> features or demands  (time, education level or number of people
> implied) that make this kind of methodologies necessary. Existing
> open-source OSM applications are far to offer even the basic Potlatch or
> JOSM functions. Vespucci is currently being improved: do the dev people
> think it will reach a state that would cover field survey needs in
> humanitarian contexts (what implies, at least, user-defined presets) ?
> Thoughts ?
> Sincerely,
> Severin

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