[HOT] Thoughts on task validation, especially Padang

Michael Krämer ohrosm at googlemail.com
Sat Jun 23 12:40:17 BST 2012

As you may have noticed all squares for Padang have finally been mapped 
recently. So now it's probably about getting the validation done.

Personally I am still a bit hesitant about validating for various reasons.

First of all I am not really sure when a task should be positively 
validated. The easy part is to invalidated if there's still stuff 
missing. But the other way round I don't really know what the criteria 
are. It could range from everything is covered to checking the tags for 
the objects. The latter would immediately lead to the question of 
"tagging guidelines" (eg. residential vs. unclassified vs. service etc.).

Closely linked is the thought that I wouldn't want to validate tasks I 
have mapped myself. This would probably take the idea of validation ad 
absurdum. I haven't tried but I don't know if Tasking Manager already 
cares for this.

And last but not least I guess validating is a bit tedious compared to 
mapping anyway...

As I might be not the only one that struggles with validation I thought 
I'd simply bring this topic up here.

Michael (user Ohr)

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