[HOT] Problems with android phones

Brian Wolford worldwidewolford at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 14:57:35 GMT 2012

So there has been a problem with some androids I have encountered and met
another person running into the same problems.
Some phones were taking very long times to get GPS fixes (ussually not at
all) and after they did they were putting points out in Jamaica or the
ocean south of Cuba.

A common thread between the problem phones seemed to be that they were from
Europe. North American phones seemed to have no problem.
So the solution seems to be changing the NTP server in the  'gps.conf' file
to the North American server.

This can be accomplished two ways:
1: The app FasterFix
2: Manually

You of course need to be a 'root' user. But you should do that when
unboxing anyway.

This is caused by using Assisted GPS (A-GPS) for the first point, which
uses the network to get faster fixes.

Thought this would be useful to share and hopefully save some headaches.
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