[HOT] Activation working group

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Thu Mar 15 06:14:58 GMT 2012

Hello, Team,

We'll be having an initial meeting of the HOT Activation Working Group today at 14:00 UTC on the #hot IRC channel.

The purpose of the working group will be to develop recommendations for protocols and guidelines to determine which resources HOT brings to bear, and when, in response to humanitarian crisis.

The agenda of this meeting will be to outline the specific starting deliverables of the working group, and to solicit volunteers to begin work on immediate next tasks. A report of the meeting will be posted to the mailing list.

Please join the working group & help us figure out how best to apply the amazing capacitities and resources that the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team has at its disposal in the service of our community and our fellow human beings in times of crisis! Cheers :)


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