[HOT] Activation Working Group

tim timothieb at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 00:33:14 GMT 2012

Can't make the call tomorrow - but here are some thoughts...

Here are a couple of tools to consider which are probably all familiar
ideas and which may or may not be appropriate for incorporating in HOT
activation protocols...

Firstly: the concept of rotating who is 'on call' – this means instead
of everyone being ready to pull the trigger all the time, the “team”
(HOT board/members?) is split into two or three groups and each is on
call for a month (or whatever) and it rotates. You can switch your on
call schedule with someone so that you can still live you life. The on
call team is the one that leads the standing up of an activation when
an incident occurs. Of course once the shit hits the fan everyone will
join in as available! This rotation idea is a weapon in the fight
against burn out but may not be appropriate in this setting.

Secondly: Situation Reports. A really brief state of play document (1
page?) summarizing the situation (i.e. the state play that HOT is in
as opposed to the incident) might be useful both communicating with
volunteers, especially new ones, trying to jump in at different times.
In our organization Sit Reps are produced for every operational period
i.e. every 12 hours. But this could be a document that is updated once
daily, once weekly or as needed. Maybe calling it a Situation Report
is a not a good idea but it would be some kind of HOT briefing sheet.
Maybe it would contain some content like this:
- Date of report (!)
- Short description of incident
- Statement that HOT has activated
- Primary objectives
- State of play with imagery
- Tasking manager set up info & progress
- Requests to HOT, offers of support to HOT
A simple matrix of other map related organizations, whether they are
activated/deployed, and a sentence indicating their role/focus (this
would include MapAction, GIS Corps, Crisis Mappers, etc)

Finally: Hotwash. After action report. Whatever you call it. Having a
template to fill in may or may not help.


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