[HOT] Fwd: [CrisisMappers] USIP Call for Proposals: "Participatory Digital Mapping, Local Media, and Community Engagement"

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Given that we clearly tick the box for Participatory Digital Mapping, and have a lot to say about community engagement too, I'd say it would make sense for HOT to be submitting a grant application to USIP. There's a little more information about the mapping side of things within a PDF linked at the bottom of that site.

"The focus of this year’s Communication for
Peacebuilding solicitation is to support projects that
strengthen the impact of participatory digital
mapping initiatives by using local media and
community organizations to increase information
input from affected populations and information use
by relevant peacebuilding actors. "

A hard sell might be to explain what maps can offer for "peace building", but this seems to be accepted as a premise of the grant funding. I think the main challenge then is to devise a plan involving "using local media and community organisations".


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Subject: [HOT] Fwd: [CrisisMappers] USIP Call for Proposals: "Participatory Digital Mapping, Local Media, and Community Engagement"

Hi All,

I think we should use this as an opportunity to brain storm opportunities to work in places we've responded remotely in the past.  Or other ideas as well.



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Hello All
The U.S. Institute of Peace’s Communication for Peacebuilding Priority
Grant Competition seeks to support innovative practice and research
designed to increase our understanding of how communication flows and
technology can best be leveraged to improve the practice of
peacebuilding. The theme of the 2012 competition is “Participatory
Digital Mapping, Local Media, and Community Engagement,” and the
entire call for proposals is available at
Please note that concept notes are due to USIP by April 6, 2012.
Projects are being funded in the range of $40,000 -- $60,000. USIP
Staff Contact: Elizabeth Murray, cfp at usip.org.


Anand Varghese

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