[HOT] Master’s Thesis Interview

Thomas Kandler Thomas.Kandler at student.afg.hs-anhalt.de
Wed Mar 28 13:22:05 BST 2012

Dear HOT-List,

I would like to yield an interview inquiry about the HOT and am
especially looking in the general direction of Mikel, Kate & Harry. ;)

To explain the background of this inquiry a little bit: I am currently a
student at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences [1] and writing my
master’s thesis in the field of geoinformatics in collaboration with the
Institute for Leading Innovation and Cooperation [2]. The topic of my
thesis is in general "open geodata" and to be more specific: the
necessary competencies and skills in order to deal with open geodata as
a new development in organizations. The more comprehensive perspective
on this is to identify a first set of success factors in the rapidly
changing GI(S)-sector in respect to open data.

To give a balanced view I am aiming at two directions: the business
world and the non-profit world. HOT is from my point of view a prime
example for non-profit work and I am convinced to reach some very
skilled and experienced persons via this list. I think there could be a
great outcome of your interviews/my work in terms of a little
best-practice guide for open Geodata projects. 

If you are generally interested in my inquiry, I would be very glad
hearing from you. If you are able to read German, you can grab a paper
written during my first research steps [3]. Otherwise you can have a
look at my tiny, humble blog [4]. Or, and that would be my first choice,
we can engage in a conversation. I am gladly open to all questions,
remarks or hints. The interview would last approx. 1 hour via skype or

Thank you for your time and have a very nice day.

All the best from Germany

[1] http://www.hs-anhalt.com
[2] http://clicresearch.org/en
[4] http://opengeodata.de


Hochschule Anhalt (FH) 
Fachbereich 3 * Architektur, Facility Management und Geoinformation   

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Post:            PF 2215 / D - 06818 Dessau 
Tel.:            +49 340 5197-1500 (Dekanat) 
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Web:          http://www.afg.hs-anhalt.de

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