[HOT] Activation WG next steps

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Fri Mar 30 09:21:07 BST 2012

TL;DR: The Activation working group needs your help enumerating and describing the different ways that HOT can respond to a crisis.

Hello, Team,

Harry was kind enough to publish the logs from last week's meeting:


Unfortunately, this week's meeting didn't happen as planned, but we have a task which we need volunteers to help with, which is to fill out this wiki page:


Basically, what I'm hoping we can do is enumerate each of the *possible* responses that HOT can make to a crisis or a request by a partner organization, and then address each of the following ten questions with respect to that response:

	• What is the possible HOT response or activation, in 20 words or less?
	• What are the triggers for this response?
	• What are the intended outcomes of the response or activation?
	• Within HOT, who decides to initiate the response, and when?
	• What are the volunteer resources needed by HOT to provide this response?
	• What are the material resources, including funds, needed by HOT to provide this response?
	• What, if any, coordination is needed with other organizations?
	• How long will the response last? At what point is the response declared complete?
	• How many times per month or per year can HOT sustainably provide this response?
	• Describe a historical precedent for this response *or* a hypothetical future response of this kind.

If you have the time and interest, please consider linking one of the possible responses in the "Activation Catalog" section of the wiki page above to a new page, and answering the relevant questions there.

Also, if you can think of useful responses that HOT can offer in times of crisis, please add them to the catalog.

The objective here is to try to systematize our understanding of the different ways in which HOT can "activate", so that we can think about how to prioritize those activities and make them sustainable. As always, your participation in this process will help ensure that it actually happens.

I'll be in the Lacandon jungle in Mexico for the next week, so I won't be able to make the meeting we might otherwise have then, and FOSS4G is the following week. Do we want to have our next working group meeting on April 19th, or do you guys want to go ahead and meet without me? Please feel free to decide while I'm gone; I look forward to reading the meeting minutes when I get back -- otherwise I hope to see you all on IRC on April 19th at 1400 UTC. ;-)


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