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Thanks very much for putting this together and submitting it to the list.  The training group is currently finishing up a first pass of a list of available resources and, next Wednesday, will be moving ahead with developing the collections and setting priorities.  I've had a look at the PDF and it looks great and I think fills in some of the gaps we've identified.  I'll add to the list and see how we can incorporate this into the collection.

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> Hi all..
> It has taken a little longer, but attached is a (.pdf) documentation with an introduction to OSM and editing with Potlatch, it provides a good start to anyone who would like to start using the open street map.
> It is presented to the members of H.O.T to have feedback/comments. I have been looking at the training chat logs and i think, if any modifications are to be made, it can be one of the documentation collections. There are no videos for the document, and it has some information from the osm wiki, and other is from practical discovery.
> It's true that using Potlatch in areas that have slow Internet connections is almost impossible, but here (in Uganda), there are a few areas with fairly fast Internet connections, and with this connection, editing would go just fine without any hindrances. 
> The contents in that documentation have been used in the weekly training sessions, as well as other training materials, mostly the H.O.T manual, and the osm wiki page.
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