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Hey all,

Below are the details of an internship position with HOT in Senegal
advertised on our website (internship
As you can read below this mission which has been finalized in the last
days is scheduled to start 20-May to 9-June since, we are not sure about
the firm closure date of the application process and will update you as
soon as possible, we would be extremely grateful if you can express your
interest for this future work as soon as possiible.


= Internship in Senegal =

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) will start working in Senegal in
the course of May 2012 to foster the creation of a vibrant OSM ecosystem in
this country made of individuals, Academics, Local/National Government,
International Organizations, Local/ International NGOs as well as
communities. While working in Senegal in emergency preparedness and
development, HOT will also look at creating bridgeheads and relationships
necessary to operate in Western Africa and in the Sub-Saharian African

A partnership with OSM-France (OSM-FR) through a grant of the Fondation de
France is targeted to support HOT. Additionally there is initial project
with the World Bank ICT group finalized in those very last days which makes
this future HOT project possible.
The work will start by a scoping mission scheduled May 20th - June 9th
during which outreach, meeting, conferences and trainings will occur. This
will happen through the first portion of the mission with the World Bank
and the second more autonomously through HOT’s partnership with OSM-FR.

HOT is proposing a 3 week internship to work on this Senegalese project and
get experienced with the on-the-ground work in the context of a scoping
mission. The intern will be based in Dakar and traveling in country where
opportunities arise and be working under the supervision of the HOT
coordinator within the WB mission and with one member of OSM-FR to:
Conduct outreach activities to partners
Speaking about OSM and HOT
Running demo and training around OSM to future partners

Lodging will be in hotel in Dakar for the first 2 weeks and then in
convenient accommodations for the last week. Duration of the assignment is
three weeks, travel will be organized to allow work throughout 20-May to
9-June 2012. HOT will cover transportation and insurance costs overall in
the limits of 2,000 USD.

Eligibility criteria:

   - Active implication in HOT activities and commitment to join future HOT
   work in the field specifically in Senegal
   - Education and/or work experience in the fields of GIS or programming
   - Experience in the field of Development or Emergency Response
   - Experience in data collection programs
   - Experience in training and capacity building
   - Thorough usage of GPS, editors of the OSM project (JOSM and Potlatch),
   GIS desktop applications (primarily Quantum GIS) and familiarity with
   - Interpersonal skills, effective team member, capacity to work under
   pressure and in a multicultural environment
   - Fluent in French, proficient in English, Wolof a bonus

Applications to be sent at apply at hotosm.org ASAP

Nicolas Chavent
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
Mobile (Haiti): +509 4617 3334
Mobile (FRA): +33 (0)6 52 40 78 20
Email: nicolas.chavent at hotosm.org
Email: nicolas.chavent at gmail.com
Skype: c_nicolas
Twitter: nicolas_chavent
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